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Phase 2

Ajoyfulheart (grace) I got ur MSG, but phones being a bitch so can't reply properly!!
Thanks bb xo

according to the website I got no ;( which I am crossing my fingers is a computer glitch. And the letter will say otherwise on monday.... I hope!!! If not, I'll be calling people to find out why and I'm currently drafting an email to the program director to see if she can help me out or has any other ideas.
I want this so bad I can't explain it lol.

I will keep u posted!! Xoxoxo

bundle of nerves

So....todays the day that I find out if I'm on my way academically to becoming a PR powerhouse extraordinaire.
Only I have to wait until 6pm till I can check online, which really means 10pm, seeing as I'll be at work and my break isn't until 10pm. LE SIGH.

I had to wait an extra week for my application to go through, as they screwed up my paper work, and didn't let me know I needed to send them something until the two days before letters went out. Was running around like a mad woman trying to get it to them ASAP.

I've been trying to play it cool, not thinking too much about it and when I have, sending positive energies and thoughts to whatever divine entities are out there controlling the outcome. The only vision I have at the moment is my getting online and seeing that an offer has been made to me, or opening that letter stating the same.

I haven't wanted anything so bad in such a long time - aside from the good ol' material items (two new pairs of gorgeous feet decorations (shoes), and almost a third (Tony Bianco, I hate that you're having a massive sale); alas my sensibilities won, and the wiser me said 'If you were meant to buy them, they'll be here next week'), or concert tickets the best concerts/festivals OF.MY.LIFE (Big Day Out 2010 memories of Kasabian and general greatness still send my heart a flutter and cause me to giddily jump around with a silly grin adorning my lips); and especially career/rest of my life wise.

I want this so bad. For once I am excited about something academic and leading towards my future. *bounce*.

Should the suits say no, I do have a back-up plan. There *are* ways around those dreaded rejection letters. For instance, making oneself known to the Program Director, developing that rapport with them where they can see how passionate one is about this cause. Perhaps a small drop-in/email to remind said PD about one's passion for the profession, and said PD's unwavering support and encouragement upon the initial meeting will encourage/force the suits to change their minds and send me through :P

That's the 1st back up plan, and there are many to follow.

I'm going to get this. It will be done :D

For now I'm off to work, to earn more money to cater to my lifestyle (:S). Such is the life of one with an expendable income. I shall enjoy it while it lasts!

PS. RIP Steve McQueen. A true loss in the fashion world. Designers and fashion enthusiasts may forever be inspired by his visionary designs and skill, but there'll only ever be one Alexander McQueen.


Considerations and procrastinations...


Currently, steadily(ish) working my way through several, several weeks of readings and chapters - Why is it that I find reading the stuff easier to do than putting it together and writing it? :S

Procrastination....the usual....Facebook, tv...fics...playing around on iTunes and garageband... But a bigger thing, I'm considering a career change. Complete 180 from Public Relations and Event Managment.

I'm considering Interior design - not so much the decorating (which I'd also love), but the structural (almost architectural) side of things. You know, designing rooms, planning show rooms, set design ...

I looked it up on the Uni website - sounded daunting as hell, but I suppose that I'll be much better of speaking to one of the dept co-ordinaters. Something for the summer. I have WAY too much to do.

Next two months - aside from 4 assignments (2 to be knocked down by the end of monday), exam revision (read:teach myself a course), a 30th, Calvin's (nephew) 1st bday, Hen's night and a week later, the wedding. 


 Facebook is being a COW on UniNet.

Not allowing my procrastination trend, and forcing me, for the most part to actually do some work. SIGH.

At least I have The Gossip and The Rapture to tide my rage over.


Because these things will change

Change is everywhere, whether its global, climate change, fashion, entertainment government, academia, friends, family and self.

Sometimes its subtle, sometimes its obvious. So obvious that you're either beaming, or wanting to crawl into a hole and die.

Sometimes you'll go with the flow, but most times you'll resist it like a kid resisting eating brussel sprouts.

Change is good, change is bad, change is constant.

And with that, here's news. I'm changing this LJ for a new start. Unsure if I'll be deleting this account, and creating a new one, or just changing the username stuffs. It won't be happening immediately, but it'll be done by the end of May, when most of my assignments are done.

Ciao ciao!

"We are ready to lead once more"

I'm watching the Innauguration.

I can't even voice how proud I am of this moment. It's epic.

I've not actually caught one of President Obama's speeches before, and it's blown me away how eloquent and amazing his oratory skills are. He makes you want to stop and just listen. That's powerful.

I have to say, that his speech is fantastic. He's recognizing mistakes made, not placing blame, he's not promising the world, he's realistic, there's no miracle remedy to rectify the financial crisis, or any other political issues - and he knows it. He knows there's a long challenging road ahead of trying to bring America back to its highest standing.


My god. He is seriously ...sdkjfhasdkjh  He's a PHENOMENAL speaker!

Honest. That's what I'd call his speech. It's not glossy, and overworked. It's just about the most honest, humbling and powerful speech I've heard from a Leader.

That's right. President Barack Obama is a LEADER.

I'm supposed to be uploading pics for a pic spam here (Something about uploading to Photobucket makes me want to seriously procrastinate and do something else.), but I'm watching Season 2 of The West Wing instead.

The episode is 'The Stackhouse Philibuster' and I think that it probably ranks as one of my favourite episodes from the series.
They set up the episode sort of like a timeline, flashbacks througout that particular day, a recount of a series of events, etc.
It's just the most touching, moving, set of scenes. Especially when the White House staff come together when they figure out the real story behind it all, and just.....*sigh*.


Love love love.

ALSO (on the next ep now), re-watching season 2, makes me realise how much I adored the character of Ainsley Hayes. She was spunky, smart, witty and incredibly funny. Lol.

Ainsley: "I wanna be in the other group."
Sam: "Why"
Ainsley: "They have the Kung Pao Chicken"

LOL that's another reason why I adored her, she was always thinking about food!! hehe!

Is confuzzled

.....If anyone on my Flist is on Twitter (I have folded to the behesting of houddy ), and uses their phones to post....Tweets..?

Can someone please let me know how that works?

Cheerrrs :)


How Peculiar....

Ok, THAT is one weird looking word.

But, haha, My Donut bun (donut without the hole), has Cheesecake filling, and tastes wickedly good. But, LOL-WHUT?? CHEESECAKE FILLED DONUT??


When Krispy Kreme finally makes it to Adelaide...I'm going to have a hard time going between Gourmet Glaze and Krispy Kreme...

Such a profound dilemma...



I have channel 10 on in the background, and heard the House promo (hadn't caught it yet, but saw the flail over it)

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish I had the stuff to record it for you guys, cos in HD, it's just...WORDS CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN.





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